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Brilliant recording voucher gift. Unique recording studio experience voucher - a fantastic gift voucher for young or old,  singers, musicians, songwriters or music producers! 5 professional hours at £250 or £160 for three hours. Up to 4 performers. Ideally located for Shropshire, Powys, Midlands, Birmingham, Cheshire, Wales, the recording studio experiences cater for virtually any musician, songwriter or singer! Whether it be your first experience of recording or your tenth, this is a truly creative environment for all involved.

Hear tracks and see videos recorded here recently.

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Recording gift for fun or for real!
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Bass guitar experience           Music Production Experience
Music Workshops         Music Production 

Singing to Backings           Drumming Experience     
Singing Experience
      Recording Party

Singer Songwriter Experience           Hen Party Exprience
Songwriting Workshop    Hen Party


Experience Description

Genuine singer and musician recording studio experiences of all types. We offer a wide variety of options to our customers ranging from music workshops to to singing and songwriting experiences. The staff here at the Beehouse Recording Studio have between them both a high level of musical experience and training, and various teaching and languages qualifications. Well equipped to make anyone feel at ease. So why not come down for a fantastic experience that you will never forget!

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The Recording Studio 3hr Voucher £160    
The Recording Studio 4hr Voucher £200  
5 hr recording studio voucher 5hr Voucher £200         
 10 hr recording studio voucher
10hr Voucher £450

 Kerrang! Radio DJ Alex BakerDJ Alex Baker's Experience
Alex follows through.....
Kerrang! Radio DJ Alex Baker enjoys his stag night at the studio! Click for full video (not for the faint-hearted!)



Recording Studio Experience!


Our Recording Studio Experience...

comes in many shapes and sizes. Ranging from the traditional pop star experience singing to backings to musicians' recording days such as the piano experience, from hen party recording studio experiences to music production experiences for budding engineers, or the singer songwriter and songwriter experience or guitar experience.
Singer Songwriter Experience

How much time will I get?
A day in our professional studio still only costs £250, with five hours to create your own personal CD. There is also a three hour mini-experience available at £160, and now also a four hour experience. Or two consecutive days at £450. If you are in doubt about how much time you need, please give us a call to chat things through.

Recording Studio Experience
Who is it meant for?
All recording studio experiences are absolutely suitable for complete beginners in a recording studio, although any previous experience is a bonus! In general, our Recording Studio Experiences are tailored to the individual. All, however, share the same general features - click here for info. We offer singing, and musician-based recording experiences, songwriter and music production sessions, childrens' parties, hen parties and corporate days.

Guitar Experience
Why are our experiences unique ?
As distinct from an hour- long "booth" recording experience, or something more impersonal, the experiences carried out at our studio, whether pop star or other genres, are acknowledged to be amongst the most genuine products on the market. Dealing directly with a recording studio that has been offering all types of experiences for eleven years now, you can be assured that your day will be a unique event, tailored just for your needs, the best of all worlds.

As musicians, we derive great pleasure and enjoyment from working with others on whatever musical projects they wish, and this is why we feel able to devote such attention to detail in the provision of our recording services. Please check our lists for the type of recording day you are looking for, and contact us with your request if you don't find it.

Music Production Experience

How do I book or buy a voucher?
You can book from our bookings page. If you have a date, you can call us or email to check availability. If you want to give a present, you may buy a voucher for 3, 4, 5 or 10 hours. Vouchers are valid for a year after purchase and are entirely flexible in terms of use. You may buy a songwriter experience and change it for a singing to backings experience, or vice versa.

Recording Studio VoucherRecording Studio Day

Recording Studio Experience Description:

*3,4,5 or 10 hours' recording, mixing and mastering, (depending on the value of the voucher) and the expertise of a professional studio engineer producer.

* A beautiful recording voucher for the recording studio experience day by first class post, with a personal letter describing the gift.

* A commercial standard disc or MP3 of your recording or recordings.

* For vocalists: Use of the studio in-house backings library , if required, microphone coaching, vocal layering instruction and tuning assistance if needed. Key changing on many tracks.

* For musicians : Access to backings as and when required, editing and special effects for your instruments. A selection of pianos, professional keyboards and guitars are available at the studio as well as a drum kit, violins, and an entire orchestra of sounds and effects available through computer software.

* For all: A variety of levels of involvement with the music production of your tracks.

* Vocal and/or microphone coaching where required.

* Up to four may come with you to back you up, and take photographs.

* Most experiences are suitable for up to three participants.

* Suitable for all ages - staff are CRB checked.

* Any lyrics provided on request in advance or on the day.

No video is provided, but a video may be added for £100 to your favourite track (click here for details)

end of description

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Hidden Extras:

* The recording studio is set in a beautiful location in outstanding unique countryside. Spend the night at a local bed and breakfast, or hotel, or camp out.

* Studio staff have between them both a high level of musical experience and training, and various teaching and languages qualifications. Well equipped to make anyone feel at ease.

* Your studio production engineer, Phil, has a great rate of success even with the shyest individuals. We enjoy the experiences, and so will you!

* All experiences are flexible. We are happy for you to record what you want with your voucher! Please ask for details on all our packages.

* The recording studio voucher may be used for any of the following:

studio experience - music and instrumentals
studio experience - singing to backings
studio experience - your own music

* Original music recorded at the studio may be promoted and retailed through our music downloads website.

*Original recordings also benefit from specialist Lane and Lane music production expertise at no extra cost.
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Video Booking Facility - This video must be purchased alongside a recording studio experience at the Beehouse.

For £100 we can make a video recording of a track you have already audio recorded from two angles in the studio and match it to your performance, uploading it to a private Youtube account. The recording is carried out in HD using our professional Canon 7D video suite, using the same technology as we use for our commercial pop videos. If you want to order this part too, just add it to your cart. Please remember that you must also buy a recording studio experience (minimum 3 hrs) to make use of this facility.

Example Studio Video
Sing with the professionals
record your own music music experience day

Video Production


5 hr Recording Studio Experience
Singer or Musician! £250

(Email or Special Delivery available for urgent gifts)
Please agree any special dates with the studio before booking -Contact Us


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3 hr experience £160 click here
4 hr experience £200 click here
10 hr experience £450 click here

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Visit our professional recording studio website for details of other recording services, albums, demos etc.

Studio Experience Day!

Your Recording Studio Experience Day

Your brilliant recording day begins when you arrive at the studio, and meet the team. A brief chat follows during which we introduce ourselves and find out something about you and your singing preferences. You may wish to have a cup of tea or something else, although by that stage, you'll realise that recording in this environment is a very relaxed event, and the agenda will be set largely by you.

Then into the studio, where any preparatory work has already been done.

The next few hours are spent developing the music of your choice - singing, instrumentals, whatever you had planned to do. You also get to take part in the production if you wish, to help add effects, and generally to bring the whole recording together.

During the last half an hour you can relax whilst the disc is mastered to your personal taste.

You then leave with a fantastic product to listen to - and hopefully a CD player in the car! Or opt for an MP3.

Recording Studio Experience Ideas

We offer songwriter days, singing to backings, music recording experiences with virtually any instrument, music production days, hen parties, stag parties, corporate parties and childrens' parties.

Please Contact Us if you would like to enquire about an experience which is not on our lists, as we can usually accommodate most ideas.

Confused about booking? Read this first.

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Search for experience required, e.g. singer, songwriter, guitar, drumming, production, hen party, corporate etc using the search box.
Please scroll down to see our list of ideas:
(You can click on the highlighted links to see what we suggest.)
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Band Studio Experience
Bass Guitar Experience
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Cabaret Star Experience
Cello Experience
Clarinet Experience
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Country and Western Experience
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Diana Ross Recording Studio Experience
Disco Star Experience
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Fleetwood Mac Studio Experience
Flute Experience
Folk Singer Experience
Frank Sinatra Experience
George Michael Studio Experience
Gilbert and Sullivan Experience
Glam Rock Experience
Gospel Singing Experience
Guitar Experience
Hen Party Recording
Horn Experience
Irish Folk Experience

Junior Pop Experience
Karaoke Star Experience
Kids Party Experience
Led Zeppelin Experience
Madonna Experience
Madchester Experience
Mariah Carey Recording Studio Experience
Make Your Own CD or MP3
Marvin Gaye Recording Experience
Mini-Recording Experience
Music Experience
Music Production Experience
Musicals Experience
Music Hall Experience
Musical Theatre Experience
Neil Diamond Recording Studio Experience
Nineties Pop Experience
Opera Singer Experience
Otis Redding Studio Experience
Piano Experience
Poetry Experience
Pop Idol Studio Experience
Pop Star Experience
Queen Experience
Punk Experience
R & B Experience
Radio Play Experience
Recording Voucher
Reggae Experience
Retirement Gift
Rat Pack Experience
Robbie Williams Experience
Rock Star Experience
Rock and Roll Star Experience
Rolling Stones Experience
Saxophone Experience
Singing Experience
Seventies Pop Experience
Singer Experience
Sixties Pop Experience
Songwriter Experience
Soul Singer Experience
Stag Party Experience
Steps Recording Studio Experience
Stevie Wonder Studio Experience
Studio Engineer Experience
Sugababes Recording Studio Experience
Supertramp Recording Experience
Swing Experience
Team Building Experience
Tina Turner Recording Studio Experience
Tom Jones Experience
Trumpet Experience
U2 Experience
Violin Experience
Whitney Houston Experience
Voucher Gift Experience

This website is about Recording Studio Experience Days

This is a unique recording studio experience voucher, ideal for visitors from Shropshire, Powys, Cheshire, Birmingham and all the Midlands and Central England and Wales - a fantastic gift - young, old, singers, musicians, performers! This recording studio experience is unique in allowing you to record songs or tracks in a genuine working recording studio environment, and make your own commercial standard CD for prices ranging from £160 - £200. This gift experience can be given as a recording voucher allowing you to make your own CD of whatever music you wish.

This is a truly creative environment for your first recording experience or taster day, and we welcome songwriters and music producers also.

The vast majority of our customers (both professional and gift voucher customers) come from outside the immediate area, and often take advantage of their visit to explore the surrounding beauty spots. Sometimes customers attend in groups, and some members of the party explore Lake Vyrnwy and the surroundings or do other activities.

Recent customers (last 6 months) have been from London, Devon, Preston, Abertillery, Hampshire, Birmingham, Surrey, Nottinghamshire, Somerset, Merseyside, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Ceredigion, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Surrey, Powys, Cheshire, Flintshire, Kent, London, Leicestershire, Ayrshire, Wrexham, Warwickshire, Norway, Ireland and Milton Keynes.

Languages available at the studio are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, a variety of Arabic dialects, and Welsh all where required.

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