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Gift Recording at a Professional Recording Studio

Buy a recording studio gift, or treat yourself.

Buy a Gift Recording Voucher from the Beehouse Recording Studio on the Powys Shropshire border Sing, play any instrument, produce music, write songs, and leave with a commercial quality CD The Beehouse is professional studio, with high calibre equipment, experienced staff and great reviews.
Gift recording - professional recording studio. Shropshire and Powys.
Singing to backings, music production, songwriting or record own music.

This authentic gift recording at a modern purpose designed recording studio on the Powys Shropshire
border in striking distance of Telford, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Oswestry and many parts of Cheshire
is a fantastic introduction recording for anyone musical and can be used either for fun or with
serious professional motivation.As a gift for someone with musical skills, or just someone
who loves to sing or play an instrument, this voucher carries fantastic reviews from the many hundreds
of customers who've passed across our threshold since 2002, when a customer called the studio to
ask if we ever offered recording gifts - or recording studio gift vouchers.
See our glorious recording studio reviews since then.


Recording gifts for 3, 4 or 5 hours Choose singing covers, music production, songwriting, singer songwriter, guitarist, drummer etc, band or have a party at the studio Buy a music recording voucher

The recording gift voucher is appropriate for most performers, whether you just sing for fun or you're a professional or semi-professional artist. It can be delivered out to you instantly by email, or posted next day delivery or first class. You can choose how much time you need and also decide if you want to indulge in singing covers, a songwriting session , a music production day , an instrumental / drumming day or any of many options including group and band sessions. Purchased as gifts, our vouchers last a year. Our group days include hen party recordings, corporate days, and stag days, as well as group songwriting weekends in association with Jampro. More about choices.....

Get a professional and commercial perspective, whether you're just singing to backing tracks or developing your own music, and develop the gift of a lifetime with the help of our experienced production team - a CD or maybe a video. Enjoy the satisfaction of hearing your own music come together under the professional and friendly guidance of your engineer / producer for the day.


How much is it ?

Gift Recording vouchers cost £135 for three hours, £170 for four hours, £199.75 for five hours or £350 for two day or 10 hour sessions

Gift Recordings are generally :

3hrs : £160,     4 hrs: £200,     5hrs : £250,    10 hrs: £450                 BUY A RECORDING STUDIO GIFT

Group bookings are :

Band Booking (6 hrs) : 350,    HenParty, Stag Party, Birthday Party or Team Building (3 hrs) : 350

Other recording sessions:

Songwriting Gift or Drumming Gift (5 hrs) : £250,    (10 hrs) : £450

Click here for more details.

Why choose the Beehouse?

A Gift Recording in a professional Recording Studio Friendly service, commercial products, ideal for beginners or experienced performers

2002 marks the date when we first started offering gift recordings alongside our commercial work with immediate and unequivocal success and appreciation. Immersed in commercial work, the Beehouse is often very impressed by the abilities of newcomers to rise to the occasion and produce high calibre recordings often comparing very favourably to our professional work.

Pushing modern tracks out to pluggers and DJs regularly, our production team is capable of adding that commercial magic sheen, encouraging you to improve performance on performance., with staff experienced in working gently and patiently with all ages. As a confidence builder or a professional tool, our sessions are productive, focused and friendly.

If you've thought of booking a day in a studio before, then take this opportunity to buy an experience day which is qualitatively superior to most of the others on the market. Not only is it great value for money, but you know that your experience is for real - and we are also in a position to take your music further, should you be interested, and can advise you on how to go about making your music available to the public.

Whether or not you're contemplating a musical career, the Beehouse experience has been widely hailed as a great confidence builder and our sessions are often used for therapeutic purposes. As our recording studio reviews show, we regularly provide music studio days for students being supported by their colleges to for help with self-esteem and creativity. Some examples:

Songwriting Experience: "The track we produced today was more than I ever expected, and I couldn't recommend the experience more highly for anyone; from someone who has a seed of a musical idea to someone who thinks they have the finished article." Ruth, Birmingham

18th Birthday Party Recording - Singing to Backings: "What an amazing day!  Phil put me at ease straight away, especially as I was so nervous I didn't think I'd be able to sing a note!  Four tracks on CD and a fabulous experience, I think I will be back for more!  So if you're nervous and not sure whether to do it, get down here and a wonderful day." Jacqui, Bewdley

Where's the studio?

Recording Studio in a unique location. Based in the Workhouse, Llanfyllin
Y Dolydd,

Housed in a professionally designed building within the Dolydd, or Llanfyllin Workhouse, the studio is at an ideal location for Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, Birmingham, Telford, Wolverhampton, Wrexham and the Midlands generally, as you will see from the reviews.

If you're travelling from further, maybe from other parts of the UK and Ireland, you can overnight in the bunkhouse for as little as 14 a night, or maybe between £30 and £40 for a bed and breakfast at one of the many lovely local establishments.


What would my gift recording include?

Choose from singing to backings, writing your own songs, music production instrumental day such as guitarist, drummer or piano (virtually any instrument) or party booking

DESCRIPTION: (full description for each experience available on booking. All experiences are interchangeable but songwriter and drummer are minimum 5 hours). 3, 4, 5 or 10 hours' gift recording voucher

Choose from *singing to backings, *writing your own songs, *music production *instrumental day such as guitarist, drummer or piano (virtually any instrument) or *party bookings.

Voucher or booking is valid for a year with an introductory letter for the recipient of your gift. Party bookings on a fixed date are paid by deposit system

A commercial quality CD or MP3 recorded to take away.

Use of the in-house studio backings - our library is very extensive and we are rarely unable to provide the backings required for our gift recording voucher clientele.

For music gift recording vouchers, you may use our backings resources if necessary. You may also take advantage of our editing facilities and range of midi voices for various instruments such as keyboards, guitar, piano, drums and wind instruments.

A full drum kit and a number of professional keyboards, guitars and pianos are on hand, as well as a couple of violins and a variety of recorders. If you play anything else we can mic you up.

For singers, microphone coaching, and help with vocal layering.

Tuning assistance and vocal editing if required, for that final gloss!

Songwriters will work with a songwriter, music producers with a music producer

Some instrument tuition available

For solo experiences, up to three may come with you to take part in the gift recording.

For parties, up to twelve within the price bracket

Suitable for all ages.

Key changing service available for many tracks - please enquire for details.

Friendly, patient and experienced recording and production staff.

The possibility of contributing the results of gift recordings to the Beehouse Charts

Information about next steps for serious musicians



What are our strong points?

We love dance and electro - also funk and dubstep. We also specialise in rock, indie, folk and ballad styles Your recording experience can include tuition in drumming, guitar, piano etc Or you can just learn to play an instrument in an original arrangement  Have a stag party recording day

We are expert in the creation of music in a number of genres:

funk, soul and MOBO generally : dubstep and reggae: dance and electro styles: electropop :
organic styles: rock, indie, folk, ballad

We are also well able to develop classical music,choral works and choir projects, jazz and jazz styles, and we also very experienced at recording speech and theatrical pieces.

Voice Recording

Vocal gift recordings are a specialism at the Beehouse. We'll show you how to layer vocals and get the best out of your voice.

We have a particular specialism in vocal recordings, and will work with the artists to produce effective backing vocals and vocal layering as well as lead vocals. Microphone technique is also covered during our sessions.


What equipment is available?

This gift recording makes use of commercial grade equipment - your music will be recorded by a professional producerBuy a music gift for someone with a passion for music - whatever kind!

Equipment :The Beehouse recording studio is bristling with pianos and keyboards of different types including Roland, Mox-8 and Yamaha, guitars, including Yamaha, a Gretsch drum kit and a whole raft of other instruments. As a consequence we can lead highly specialised gift recording days as well as more traditional guitar recording gifts, drumming gifts, pianist gifts bass guitar gifts, and an array of other instrumentally based days, including tuition in many cases. Our hardware and software is more than adequate to record soloists, bands, choirs, theatre and live concerts. For a technical schedule please check out our technical page.


Who will I be working with?

Philip Lane

Philip first began in recording and production in a professional capacity during the late seventies, and regularly works with a plethora of established and new artists. He is very easy to work with and is proficient at nervous of performers, with an outgoing but sensitive way of handling things. He is in his element in complex and innovative projects. He can offer support within songwriting, mixing, mastering and production. Read more....

Jane Lane

Jane has particular skills in harmony resolution which help her to work with songwriters who are not musicians. She is sensitive to genre and
often has great success in establishing the initial direction of an original track, as well as filling it in with key elements to give it a great feel. She has a teaching background and has effective strategies for working with all ages. She can offer help with songwriting, production some mixing and lyrics, read more....

Jane speaks a number of languages including French, Arabic and some German, Italian, Spanish. She is generally comfortable working in an international or multilingual situation.


Can I buy a group gift recording?

We run many group recording sessions at the Beehouse. These are sometimes used for hen parties, stag nights, birthday parties and corporate team building. Also for family events (depends how big your family is!)

If you only want a small recording part (up to four persons) an ordinary voucher will cover you. For extra people there's a charge of £25 a head.

For up to twelve people we can provide a three hour session at 250. This is ideal for any of the events mentioned. Usually the party sessions involve singing to backings, but we're open to more creative suggestions if we think there'll be enough time.

You can also have a band session - sometimes popular for stag nights (getting the band back together, as Elwood and Jake have it in "the Blues Brothers") If you had a teenage or uni band, this may be a chance for a last fling - or even a revival!  Band sessions last six hours and are suitable for 5 or 6 people.

Lastly there is the Jampro songwriting weekend which you can do on your own or with other participants. This costs £450-450 per head depending on accommodation in the Bunkhouse and other factors. This has to be booked over the phone and cannot be booked online.


What are general facilities like?

The studio consists of a control room, live and dead recording facilities and a recording booth. See the technical page for more information.

We are fully set up for HD video recording and editing. We also have two interior photography areas, the whole of the Workhouse (Y Dolydd) and many miles of stunning landscape! Customers enjoying a studio gift can also opt for a professionally edited video of one of their songs at an extra cost of £100..

We have ample car parking facilities and access to the studio is generally very easy, with a ramp provided if necessary.

Our beautiful gardens.


We are happy to provide tea, coffee, squash and water.

For larger parties, you can book the Bunkhouse for accommodation - or there are many of excellent guesthouses, hotels, and a variety of eateries at a short distance.

Llanfyllin has its own small swimming pool and gym, and the studio can take credit cards. Wifi is also available.

The Dolydd is a Victorian Workhouse, and provides facilities for a number of small music and arts businesses. There is an occasional bar at the weekend in the Workhouse.

If you are not recording but just accompanying someone who's recording, it's a short walk to Llanfyllin town centre where there are a few gift shops, a chippy, a large Spar containing a post office, several pubs, a cashpoint and a cafe as well as a bakery, organic food shop or you can take a bus to nearby Welshpool or Oswestry from the main road. Lake Vyrnwy is a quarter of an hour away and is also nice for a visit.

You should ask in advance if you wish to bring a dog with you. Dogs, except for guide dogs, are not permitted inside the recording studio buildings themselves for the sake of those with allergies.

Booking with us

Buy a studio gift voucher now. Special dates can be arranged by contacting the studio      BUY A RECORDING GIFT