Beehouse Films

Beehouse produces videos for corporate organisations, media enterprises and community projects, and already has a large portfolio of example material, demonstrating the quality and breadth of our service. Our video production fees are modest in comparison to many competitors, but this does not detract from the care and artistic input in the final product. We view each project as a challenge and will expend considerable energy in devising the most cost-effective way for you to achieve an end product which still fulfils your creative and technical requirements.

HD video
is available for every project.

video production plus

Commissioning a video can be an expensive and lengthy process. There is the planning stage, the obtaining of quotes and the quote comparisons between video production companies, scripting, hiring of actors, voiceover actors, locations, translation where necessary, insurance....the list is never-ending. If you choose a less experienced company you run the risk of hidden extras cropping up midway through your project. On the other hand some video companies do charge a premium because of their established reputation, which may or may not be justified. In order to make a good decision, recommendations are handy, and a good look at the video portfolio of the main production companies you are considering. One frequently omitted element of a video production quote is the consideration for incidental music and other sound effects. The right soundtrack can make or break your video.

Beehouse Video Production has a great track record of fulfilling the most complex projects to deadline within budget, and still infusing into them a little of the passion and panache that comes from writing the soundtrack music. A Beehouse video does not simply relay the facts of your documentary, but it communicates mood and sentiment, to convey a positive effect on your audience. A much sought after hidden extra, and the secret ingredient to the success of any video project.

Our Video Team

Our video team is based in Llanfyllin, near to Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Wrexham, Telford and most locations in Powys, Shropshire and Cheshire, with possibilities of working in Birmingham when required. Our team generally consists of a director, production assistant, and then may or may not include a variety of technical expertise to assist with your video, including Welsh and other languages assistance, logistics, lighting expert, makeup assistant and so forth. We are happy to produce documentaries, advertisements, pop videos, interviews and local television reports, and administer all the contractual aspects of our services ourselves. We will provide our customer with a contract with agreed deadlines, and a clear description of how their project will proceed and be handled.

Pop videos

Above and beyond our experience in the field of documentaries, Beehouse Video Production has a growing expertise in the field of pop videos. In this much sought-after niche market, Beehouse has the advantage of a work environment steeped in up-to-the minute pop and dance tracks, and is frequently involved in music production, mixing and promotion of the music element of pop videos, as well as the editing in of visual cues. Pop videos can be developed from as little as £200 for a studio video synced up to a recorded track, to a location video shot over a few days. Again, we can be relied on to inject creative input as well as practical suggestions to enable to quick fire action of such a project to be realised in an effective form on the screen.


Soundtracks can be selected from our ever growing library of music or written to order. You will then be licensed for the use of our music in your video in a standard way. Customers with a musical interest are welcome to start the ball rolling with their own musical designs, or you can request music of a particular type by giving us examples or eras to work from. Music brings a video to life and often creates the movement in a film experience which makes it more memorable.