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The recording studio comprises two purpose built control rooms, live and dead recording areas, an isolated vocal booth, a songwriting and pre-production suite and a drum room. Expertise and equipment can cater for all forms of pre-production and production, mixing and mastering, video facilities and promotions. The complex can provide performance areas, accommodation, self-catering and catering, tea and coffee, and is in walking distance of three pubs, Spar, laundrette, takeaways and a leisure centre. For more information on technical or amenities, please click the relevant links opposite


Studio Services

The Beehouse Recording Studio at Llanfyllin has been providing the following services since 1999

Music Production
Song Development
Songwriting Course
Vocal Skills Development
Dance Music Creation
Live Sound Engineering
Live Recording
DJ Services
Recording Studio Experience Days
Recording Studio Parties

And the following services since 2008:

Video Production
Soundtrack Creation
Video Editing
Music Download Preparation and Upload
ISRC and EAN Coding
Studio Facilities

The Technical Facilities of the studio are described on the Technical Page.

Accommodation is described on the Residential Page.

You may take a Tour from the Tour Page.

Video Capability is described on the Video Page.

You can view the town of Llanfyllin at this link.

The Workhouse Website provides information about other surrounding facilities and events.

Here is a link to the Llanfyllin Leisure Centre.

We are able to cater for groups of up to 20, depending on the activity.

We have great parking facilities, and our access information is provided here.

Please contact us if you need any further information.

Studio Location.

Music Specialisms

The Beehouse records all types of music, but is intensively involved in the recording of modern pop, electronic dance, techno, ballad, dubstep, reggae, and with some forays into folk, easy listening, country and neo-classical genres. Projects which require a knowledge of a number of genres are also welcome. Our recording skills are particularly sought after due our strengths in dance production and vocal recording in this field.

Read more about dance music at the Beehouse
click here.


Your music will be recorded and produced by either Philip or Jane, (sometimes both) on most occasions although we do have reliable support team of other experienced engineers who are also occasionally called on.

Philip Lane

Phil has been professionally involved in recording and production since the late seventies, and still regularly works with a wide range of experienced and unknown artists of many different genres. His encyclopaedic knowledge of the world of sound production and his ability to put the artist rapidly at ease, and to extract the best possible recording result from any given situation, combined with a hugely creative approach to production and post-production mean that he is much sought after as a first choice for innovative or complex projects.

Jane Lane

Jane has a background in classical piano, and a strong focus on harmony, structure and production dynamics, often contributing to both the initial development and the final stages of a track. She has a teaching background and is experienced at working with a wide variety of ages. Jane can move new materials very quickly from idea form into a concrete structure. As a songwriter, producer and lyricist, she can bring to a project the overview necessary prior to release.

The Studio is located off the A490 in the stunning countryside of the Shropshire Powys Borderland. Easily accessible from the Midlands, for example Shropshire, Cheshire, Birmingham, Telford, Wolverhampton and so forth, it is both in a lovely and tranquil part of the world, and near enough a small town to be convenient for all your daily requirements.

The land address of the studio is:

The Beehouse Recording Studio
Y Dolydd (Llanfyllin Workhouse)

For more information, go to our Find Us page.

Noochoon Record Label

Noochoon is a developing Record Label. Already undertaking the promotion of several bands and artists, Noochoon can offer facilities to help the new artist understand the complexities of self-promotion and to develop their own image, persona and marketing style.

Noochoon also offers a downloads site where tracks may be marketed and purchased.


Henry's Machine Room offers the ideal environment for a developing songwriter to lay down and start to develop tracks with some help from experienced and dedicated staff. As a pre-production suite it is provided at a lower rate than the main recording studio, and will enable you, with some help, to fire up your imagination and ideas.

More information about the Henry's Machine Room is availble from our pre-production page. The Beehouse Recording Studio
The Dolydd
Tel:01691 649044
Skype: beehouse.recording

Booking or Enquiring With Us

As a Commercial Studio, the Beehouse is interested in a very wide range of projects. We are very happy to spend time discussing your ideas, whether you just want to purchase some studio time for a Christmas present or develop a long-term recording arrangement. We take an interest in a wide variety of creative projects as well as those that involve simple high quality clean recording, mixing and mastering. If you would like to consider our services, please don't hesitate to contact us so that you can obtain an idea of costs and other possibilities, we are very ready to talk. We do occasionally have last minute sessions available if there's not much to record.

If you want to book straight away, you can find our prices on the Purchase Page. We recommend using a taster or experience day to get an idea of our scope and speed of work, if you are about to commence a big project. These can be booked from the Recording Studio Experience Page.

If you're unsure or want to make your booking by phone, please call us on 01691 649044.


The Beehouse is accessible from the A490. It has a large spacious carpark sufficient for fifty or more cars which has only been developed recently, and cars can park outside the studio and even pause briefly to let passengers out a few metres from the entrance. Entrances are wide, and a disabled toilet is scheduled to be installed this year. Internally, the control room has been designed with disability in mind. There is more information about access to the studio on the access page

or you can contact us directly if there are specific questions.

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