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The Beehouse is a high spec., efficient, versatile and creative recording studio on the Powys Shropshire border by Llanfyllin, near Welshpool, Oswestry and Shrewsbury, offering an exciting one-to-one songwriting workshop and music production courses, album recording, mastering, MP3 production, EAN and ISRC coding and internet promotions. Our reviews outline the fantastic scope of music support available, and compliment us on our preferred informal but efficient modus operandi.

Catering for all levels of recording studio customer, from full-time professionals to recording studio experience days, the Beehouse also provides a superb array of professional equipment and expertise, resulting in commercial quality recordings at great prices. We work very successfully in a very wide range of musical genres.
The recording/production team usually consists of Phil and/or Jane, depending on the style and requirements of the work required. We are also able to publish, sell and promote your music.

Recording Studio Vouchers can be emailed instantly- these are great for birthdays, or any other occasion if you have a project to complete.

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Unique Recording Studio Day

The experience of working in a recording studio is often a definitive moment in the production of a track. At the recording stage, many songs and song ideas begin to take on their commercially recognisable and distinctive sound, and new elements often arise during recording and production which become an inherent part of the recording in their own right. This is why it is crucial to choose the right studio and the right producer to develop your music, and to make this move in a sympathetic, friendly environment.

The Beehouse Recording Studios, established in 1996, has the experience, popularity and status to be the "wind beneath your wings". The studio succeeds in providing excellent creative and technical facilities for the professional recording artist with a great atmosphere for the less experienced. Being well-positioned for recordings in the Midlands and Mid-Wales,Powys, Cheshire and Shropshire area, within easy striking distance of Birmingham and other parts of Central England. The Beehouse also has the advantage of being able to offer the customer a wide variety of music services including song production, arrangement, professional digital recording, mixing, mastering and short-run CDR production. Artists may also upload their MP3 recordings for sale to our digital downloads site, Noochoon.

Our parent company, Mantra CDs and Recording, has its origins as a Welsh and borders mastering house, specialist in audio mastering and sound restoration. The quality of your final product is therefore exceptional.
Superb Technical Recording Facilities

Recording objectives
The Beehouse recording studio endeavours to help artists to complete their professional ventures as they would wish, to an anticipated budget. Recording studio days vary immensely in duration and style. We make every element of music production available -providing production, instrumentation and supplementary vocals if required. We do aim for a commercial product to arise from each project. Our engineering staff have a wide variety of experience and great intuitive ability which can make the difference between and end product that "sits right", and a messy unfinished approximation.

Highly Creative Music Production
by Noochoon

Studio location
Something About Us

The Beehouse Recording Studios are set in an arrestingly wild and beautiful location on the Powys Shropshire border near Cheshire, within easy striking distance of Birmingham and the Midlands. Our surroundings add to the sense of relaxation and fulfilment of a day with us - or longer.

A beautiful recording location

We have a very wide outlook on music as music studios go and are happy to work in recording and developing any genre of music, having experience with most current and past styles with particular reference to dance track production and musical theatre as well as dubstep and reggae.
Other genres we have worked extensively with are Eurovision tracks and choral works, with occasional forays into metal, punk music and folk.
If you would like to hear a variety of the different types of music we've been involved with recently, please go to our Top Ten page.
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Accommodation at the Studio

Please take some time to look through our pages, and if you feel you would like to work with us, please get in touch by email or telephone, to chat through your project requirements. Many recording artists make a short holiday of the whole experience at the recording studios, staying at a local hotel or bed and breakfast. We enjoy a very good relationship with a number of local accommodation providers. Please check our accommodation page for suggestions.

Customer base
Being accessible to large parts of Wales and England, our customer base  (est 1996) includes to date visitors from all over Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Birmingham,the Midlands, the Isle of Wight, Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Scotland, London, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire - not to mention the many foreign artists we have entertained, from such diverse places as France, UAE, Norway, Canada, Ireland, Thailand, China, South Africa, the United States...

Client List

Recording Artists of note:

The Beehouse has been the chosen recording studio of professionals such as Caroline Peel, Mike Pratt, Steven Richardsen and Molan Spectrum over the past few years, to name but a few. For a full clientele list, please visit our artists page.

We provide an informal atmosphere where focus is enhanced by the lack of disturbance and minimal pressure. With a pragmatic but creative approach to your music, the Beehouse production staff are keen to hone their skills in whatever genre is the order of the day, and consequently the repertoire of the studio is pleasantly eclectic.

Our regular recording artists benefit from flexible schedules and a commercial overview of their recording projects which enable them to develop things at their own pace and in a responsive manner reflecting their aims.

Our ongoing projects

How to book
If you know what you want to book, please go to our bookings page. If you don't, please take some time to look through our pages, and if you feel you would like to work with us, please get in touch by email or telephone, to chat through your project requirements.

Recording Studio Services
Song Arrangement and Songwriting - Music Production - Recording Studio Experience - mixing - mastering - MP3 preparation - professional backing preparation - team building activities - album and demo recording - voiceovers - mastering - studio gift vouchers - CD duplication - commercial music - song arrangement, production and songwriting

If you would like to know more about the Beehouse recording studios or its associated activities, please click on the link below that interests you, or go direct to our about page.


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Super high quality dynaudio
M3A’s (as used by The Prodigy)
Mark of The Unicorn MOTU
2408 mk 3 soundcard with
96 kHz capability
Yamaha 02R96 mixing desk
Up to 72 channels of digital
and analogue inputs.
Cubase and Protools

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"An experience made all the more enjoyable and hassle free by the fantastic, professional team at The Beehouse. The final product is really fantastic – the quality of recording was certainly good enough for national radio play (I know that for a fact, as I played it on Kerrang! last Sunday!! Haha). An all-round great experience and the music video element was the icing on top of the very tasty cake."

DJ Alex Baker
Commercial Programming Manager
Presenter: The Alex Baker Show
Presenter:The Unsigned Show Klub Kerrang!
The Beehouse caters for all

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Recording Studio Experiences

If you've never set foot in a recording studio before,but are keen to get started, you should seriously consider our recording studio experiences. A far cry from an hour in a booth blended indifferently with a backing track, our experiences comprise generally five fun and sociable hours spent with the artist in recording, producing and developing tracks to commercial release quality. Aspiring new artists use our services as a testing ground to develop their first demo in a uniquely private and relaxing environment. Vouchers are provided so that you can give a loved one or friend a tailored studio gift.

Recording Vouchers

Recording Vouchers

A recording studio experience offers 5 hours spent singing any kind of material, playing an instrument, developing an original song, or in a studio production session - all recordings are cut to CD at the end. Examples of popular days are listed below:

recording studio experiences
pop star experience

songwriting workshop
songwriter experience

piano experience days

guitar experience days
singer songwriter days

music production experiences
Cubase day course

Recording Vouchers
recording studio voucher

hen party recording

drumming experience

music experience - any instrument

The Beehouse Recording Studios for Powys, Shropshire, Cheshire and the Midlands

The Beehouse provides high spec. music production and recording for Shropshire and Powys - from its base in Llanfyllin, near to Welshpool, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Wrexham and Chester.